• February 27, 2020

Paper Craft

paper craft

paper craft

Paper crafting is a technique used to create a unique two or three-dimensional design or structure, paper craft has a wide variety of different arts and craft it totally depends on your skills and passion of creating attractive stuff. After design making sometimes it involves drawings with complex interlocking patterns.


paper craft
paper craft

Crafting can be done by using various forms of papers, card sheets, coloured ribbons, glossy sheets and etc, particularly paper crafting has multiple types and some are mentioned below:

  1. Scrapbooking
  2. Card making
  3. Decoupage
  4. Paper Mache
  5. Paper cutting
  6. Paper flower
  7. Origami
  8. Quilling

 Scrapbook Ideas

It is simply a technique of saving, pasting and presenting any of your memory from history in booklet, card and album form. The memorable events include pictures, printed media, calligraphy or creative artistry. Scrapbooking ideas are usually decorated and contain a wide range of written descriptions also because sometimes a scrapbook also has preserved stories behind photographs called (journaling), it can also hold tickets, certificates, letters, etc.

Taking about a hobby so it worldwide famous among all generations and the reason is that anyone can do it on their own. This hobby encourages you that you can also create thoughtful personalized gifts for people and can earn a good amount through it. It do not burden on your budget, it tells others how much valuable time you have spent or dedicated to it, or even how artistic you are.

scrapbook ideas
scrapbook ideas

Card Making Ideas

It is the fun of crafting handmade greeting cards. As like scrapbook, card making also becoming a popular hobby as many people nowadays take their keen interests in making paper craft such as card making, scrapbooking and now stamping have added too in peoples creativity list.

card making ideas
card making ideas

Most people ask that how many types of cards available? The simple answer is two, one is a flat card and the other is folded one (2, 3, 4 sides). Well around a world people give greeting cards on special occasions like Birthdays, Eid, Christmas, and Halloween or some time to thank others or express their feelings. Cards are usually packaged with an envelope, come in a variety of styles and colours. We can make our personalize card in very easy steps:

Choose the desired size. There are many sizes of papers and card sheet available at stores.

Pick an eye-catching theme for your card.

Paste an image or any artwork.

Write a heartfelt message for the person.

Turn, Fold or draw an outer cover if wants.

Decoupage Ideas

The art of garnishing an object with the help of glueing to coloured paper, cutouts onto it in combination and paint it effectively, to enhance the quality and beauty use some other decorative elements on it. Usually, an object like a small square box or an item of furniture is covered by cutouts from magazines or from other pattern papers. We could also use almost any paper or light fabric material to cover certain surface according to your brain map.

Decoupage ideas
Decoupage ideas

Separately there are wrapping or origami papers are available in the market and they are great with respect to the decoration and have a good weight. Other types of material include wallpaper, hard card sheets come in many designs and colours for decoupage, it a great option to use hard cardstock for your 3D structure or decoupage to give it a heavier and harder look.

Paper Mache Ideas

It is an art of making a substance by chopped or pulped paper, paper pulps are then mix with glue to make a single layer and multiple layers of these glued paper are placed on each other and firmly pressed together, let this work soak for some hours till the time that it becomes hard and strong.

Paper Mache Ideas
Paper Mache Ideas

This art is mostly applied for large, but temporary sculptures. The basic structure is made up of wood or any metallic material then it is covered with pulped paper-mâché. Once it is 100% dried then descriptions are added on it then further sanded and painted as per desire. One coat is not enough to make it waterproof, but the use of waterproof glue will be helpful at the maximum instant and your work will be able to be placed at an outdoor also.

 Paper cutting

It is one of the most beautiful arts of paper crafting. This fun has evolved in its own ways all over the world and represents different cultural styles. One of its uniqueness is that commonly the designs are made from a single sheet of paper rather use multiple sheets. You just have to make sure that you are using heavy and good quality of paper, not just like the regular copy paper. Although multiple weighted papers available in the market for paper cutting art but you better use minimum 140gm paper in order to avoid horrible results.

paper cutting
paper cutting

Paper Flowers Craft

We learn this art by disassembling a real flower, tracing and making every layer with paper, and then joining those papers to make our own template flower. The cutting of paper must be done carefully while each component of flower-like petals and stem, to give your work a maximum realistic look you may be glued them each other or tied them with wire or thread.

Paper Flowers Craft
Paper Flowers Craft

Numbers of tutorials of paper crafting are open and free for learners on YouTube. This is the cheapest and easiest way to decorate your home, galleries, studios, restaurants, weddings and etc.

Particularly school-age kids love the activity of making flowers with tissue papers.

Origami Crafts

Pronounces as “Ori” and “Kami”… Basically, it is the art of paper folding. This word derived from a Japanese language or means folding and kami stands for paper. It is considered as a traditional hobby and consists of folding a sheet of paper with cutting, taping and glueing a paper or card, the main goal is to give it a sculptured look by using pure sculpting techniques.

origami crafts
origami crafts

In fact, according to Chinese theories, it is nearly 2,000 years old technique of crafting and a great way to help, manage and reduce stress which is an obvious a physiological problem that can be minimized by engaging both the mind and hands at the same time to gain a calming effect and focus on the topic.

Quilling Crafts

It is an ornamental work or referred to as filigree, an art includes the rolling of paper, uses shaped, or strips of paper which is then glued together to produce a fantastic decorative structure. It started with rolling a strip of paper into a coil some by French and Italian nuns to decorate a religious event in order to save an effort and money.

origami crafts
origami crafts

Best about Paper Crafting

Before 20 or 30 years paper crafting was not well known like it is today and we achieve this milestone with the help of coaching and training institutes which is available in every city of world almost, & YouTube alone played a vital role in making paper crafting so much famous and favourite among all age group of peoples. Apart from that papercraft is used in the education sector also as many schools teach their student’s different activities by using colourful papers, the things you must have while doing any activity are listed below:

  • Sharp scissors or cutter
  • Gum stick or hot glue gun
  • Writing stationery pens, markers, colour pencils, crayons
  • Wire, thread, crafting cord
  • Glitters, paints and brushes
  • Tape and ribbons

The best thing about paper craft is that it is purely handmade which specify the art and creativity skills of the person who made it, obviously, a good planner works hard then try multiple times and produces a brilliant idea or structure. It’s comparatively cheap than the expensive gift we buy from big stores for our loved ones. When we gift to anyone something made by ourselves, it just not double their happiness but also increases the worth of that gift and you get your desire respect from that particular person too.


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