Patreon suspends the ‘Come Back Alive’ account, a military funding channel for Ukraine in the midst of the war against Russia

Although for many it has not been on the radar until now, ‘Come Back Alive’ has been on Patreon since 2020, obtaining support from its patrons to finance part of Ukraine’s weapons resources. However, after the invasion of Russia, the picture is getting worse by leaps and bounds. That is why, the platform has decided to suspend the account permanently.

After the controversy arising from this account, which was being operated by the Ukrainian NGO of the same name, Patreon has finally suspended it, and for this it has published a post with the main reasons that have led to the closure of this account.


The account got more than 14,000 patrons after the invasion of Russia this weekPatreon

Come Back Alive has been supporting Ukraine for years by financing military activities. According to the figures published in his account, thanks to the help of his patron they have managed to finance 1,500 tablets, with software for Gunnya-Amor gunners, 230 quadcopters, 45 mobile surveillance systems, and even more than 60 military vehicles. In addition, there is also talk of training military personnel and operators of unmanned vehicles.

From Patreon they have assured that they do not allow the platform to be used to finance arms activities, since it is a violation of their policies. In this way, from the platform they have ensured that the funds that are still in the account will return to the taxpayers.

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As support alternatives, Patreon has mentioned some organizations recommended by Ukrainian journalists, such as the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, Voices of Children or Revived Soldiers Ukraine.

The movement by the platform has caused some controversy, since many users claimed that this route was very necessary to support Ukraine. It is worth mentioning that before the conflict broke out, as of January 26, according to DailyDot, this Patreon account had a total of 936 patrons, which translates into about $19,000 a month of funding. However, as of this week their figure increased to 14,000 patrons, which represents a monthly income of almost 437,000 dollars.