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This week there was a Twitch leak that, luckily, does not seem to have affected users’ payment data. However, the figures that Amazon’s streaming video platform has paid to the most famous content creators over two years (between August 2019 and October 2021) have been revealed. In addition to satisfying our curiosity to know how much streamers like Auronplay, Ibai, TheGrefg, or Rubius charge, the leaked data also helps us to take accounts and discover how successful we should be on Twitch to get a more or less normal salary. The Twitch leaks serve to cast amount and discover that over 8.8 Million active streamers.

PC Gamers thoughts

 That is what they have done at PC Gamer based on the leaked data and what can be obtained from the United States census. This means explains that the average income of a family in the American country is 67,521 dollars a year. Crossing that data with the filtered list of the income of Twitch streamers, we find out that to get a salary that allows us to live on broadcasts we would have to be among the 1322 best content creators on the platform. Considering that there are around 8.8 million active streamers currently, according to Twitch Tracker, we would need to be among the 0.015% of the most successful streamers on Twitch.

“Never let yourself be clouded by the figures that we earn”

As you can see, it is a very small cake for the number of people who are trying to eat it. This is something that Ibai Llanos himself has wanted to make clear in a recent speech that has gone viral: “Do not take Twitch as a job. This is not real,” the global streamer began in one of his broadcasts. “You have to go to ESO, high school, and then decide what to do with your life. Never let yourself be clouded by the figures you earn. Why? Because that’s not real.”

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