Pedro Castillo says that they are trying coups against him

The president of Peru, the leftist Pedro Castillo, denounced on Monday an alleged campaign for Congress to remove him from office at a time in which he tries to form a new ministerial cabinet, the fourth in his six months in power.

“In this new media campaign, which aims to promote the presidential vacancy [removal], undemocratic attitudes of some sectors that only seek to destabilize the country,” he said.

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Castillo in a statement released on his Twitter account. “I hope that the political class acts responsibly, thinking of the country and not mere private interests or groups,” he added.

Castillo is the target of harsh criticism from the right-wing opposition, which He questions his management capacity, and some suggest he step aside to avoid a new vacancy request in Congress. Conservative congresswoman Patricia Chirinos announced that she will present a request for vacancy due to the alleged “moral incapacity” of Castillo, who overcame a similar motion in December.

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Since 2017 the “Vacancy” motions are the preferred tool to get rid of Peruvian presidents early and led the country to have three presidents in five days in November 2020.

Castillo indicated that he is putting together a new “broad-based” cabinet “, although he avoided specifying when he will announce it. This next cabinet (of 19 members) will be the fourth in Castillo’s six months in power, which have been characterized by his own setbacks and internal struggles within the government, as well as attacks from the radical right, which tried to open an impeachment trial against him. , which was dismissed in December by Congress.

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The president, a rural teacher and union leader, last Friday fired Prime Minister Héctor Valer, who had only been in office for three days, after that various media revealed that in 2016 he was accused of domestic violence by his daughter and his wife.

Hours before Castillo’s statement, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador denounced a campaign by “conservatism” to delegitimize the leftist governments of Castillo in Peru and Xiomara Castro in Honduras.

“We are respectful of the decisions that are being made in other countries, but it is evident that conservatism is working against the legal government, legitimately constituted” of Castillo, said the leftist president in his press conference morning.