Petro’s alliance is sealed with a sector of the ‘greens’

A little over a month before the consultations on March 13, a sector of the Alianza Verde party joined the campaign of the pre-candidate presidential candidate of leftist origin, Gustavo Petro.

The position of this sector of the ‘greens’ was made official this Wednesday in a ceremony attended by Carlos Ramón González , one of its co-presidents, and the former governor and pre-candidate Camilo Romero, together with Gustavo Petro.

The senator posted a photo on his Twitter account and stated: “Together with a broad sector of the Green party, we announce the formation of a broad and to govern Colombia. An agreement on the fundamentals.”

This Wednesday’s act officialized the support of this sector of the ‘greens’ for Petro’s presidential candidacy, the which generated a long division within Alianza Verde during the past year.

In the end, the decision in that party was to release its militants for the presidential campaign and make an alliance, for the lists to Congress, with other sectors that are in the Hope Center coalition.

After this, Some sectors of the ‘greens’ got fully involved in the congressional campaign with that center-left convergence and the other part of the party, led by leaders such as Carlos Ramón González, made its support for the candidacy official on Wednesday of Petro.

Apart from one of the co-directors of the party and the pre-candidate Camilo Romero, present at the event this Wednesday were congressmen Inti Asprilla and León Fredy Muñoz, among other leaders of the community.

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