Pilgrimage of the candidates for the Presidency passed through Cali

The former mayors Enrique Peñalosa, Sergio Fajardo and Federico Gutiérrez; Former senator Juan Manuel Galán, senator David Barguil, and lawyer and journalist Enrique Gómez advanced tours and events in their campaigns in search of the Presidency of the Republic.

The day was quiet, except for Gutiérrez’s visit to downtown Cali, where there was a protest.

Enrique Peñalosa, former mayor of Bogotá, arrived with his motto of doing and was accompanied by the senator and former governor of Valle del Cauca Dilian Francisca Toro.

“We cannot continue stuck in the cart, in characters who only talk, promise and do nothing. The Presidency should not be a contest of the most popular, but a serious choice of the one who does , to work, to solve problems by doing,” Peñalosa said.

The candidate wrote: “Thank you Cali! What a great welcome. And thank you @DilianFrancisca: you can see the immense affection that people in the Valley have for you. Here we are and here I will return as President to do: restore security, create jobs and generate solutions for citizens.”

During the same tour, Councilwoman Tania Fernández noted: “We all built the transformation; communes 6 and 13 of Cali together with our candidate for the Presidency of the Republic Enrique Peñalosa, a man with experience who knows the country”.

Former senator Juan Manuel Galán also toured the Valle del Cauca capital and attracted pilgrims as he passed. He said no more mafias from the Mexican cartels and the Eln.

“Today we raise that historic flag of the New Liberalism: no more mafias. We will not rest or stop until we finish them off,” he said in the city.

He rejected the problem of insecurity and made a call for the homicides.

Sergio Fajardo, former mayor of Medellín, was seen accompanied by Maurice Armitage, who was in the first position of the District of Cali in the past period.

His announcement was: “My commitment to Cali is that it will have a light rail connected to the MIO. It is not possible that the people of Cali do not have decent, safe options and efficient for transportation. With education, opportunities and the subway, Cali and the Valley will regain confidence and become protagonists again.”

“Maurice Armitage is at the top of the list of the most important, most valuable people who I love the world of politics the most. Thank you for joining me today in Cali,” Fajardo wrote.

The representative to the Chamber Catalina Ortiz Lalinde expressed: “We toured Valle del Cauca full of hope. Cali, Buga and Tuluá welcomed us with enthusiasm and generosity. We flied with @sergio_fajardo ,@MauriceArmitage and wonderful young people. This campaign every days is charged with more overwhelming energy! Let’s win.”

Héctor Fabio Zamora. The Time

The former mayor of Medellín and presidential candidate Federico Gutiérrez arrived in Cali on his tour.

“I promise to generate better opportunities for women and young people. They were the most affected by the pandemic,” was one of his messages.

He repeated that the mayor of the Valle capital, Jorge Iván Ospina, “did not take care of the people of Cali in social protests in the second quarter of 2021”.

Gutiérrez went to the center of the city, where some merchants were waiting for him.

But minutes later he had to leave in a hurry before the hubbub and boos of people They told him: “We don’t want more politicians, he promises smoke.”

The senator and national president of the Conservative party, David Barguil, who stated that “terrorism in Arauca, Cali and the attack on the governor of Caquetá are a drug trafficking strategy to discourage society dy promote calming that facilitates non-spraying.”

In the tours he was accompanied by former Cali Secretary of Government Carlos José Holguín, former Congressman Álvaro López Gil and Councilman Richard Rivera, who noted: “Accompanying a a great friend and leader such as our presidential candidate David Barguil”.

Enrique Gómez, presidential candidate for the Salvación Nacional political party, also made your journey.

“Without machinery or the support of political clans, we are touring #Colombia, seeking to reach each citizen from the heart and with the hope of saving the country from the threats that today have their development in suspense”.

His attacks turned against the Mayor of Cali, whom he accuses of being an accomplice of the ‘First Line’, which led the national strike since April 28 last year.

“We are being told that the ELN has a propaganda group where it publicizes its attacks on our Public Force. This group is part of the Front Line,” he assured.

“The Cali is dramatic: Ospina only needs to hand over the police weapons to the criminals so they can go out and kill the citizens,” the candidate wrote on social media.

While Gustavo Petro’s volunteers met and left their proclamation: “We reiterate, nobody messes with Cali. And here we say #PetroPresidente.”

Miguel Uribe Turbay, Secretary of the Government of Bogotá in the mandate of Enrique Peñalosa and candidate for the Senate for the Democratic center, arrived in Cali.

“I call on the people of Cali, the people of Valle del Cauca who believe in re-establishing development and vindicating institutions,” said Uribe Turbay.

During his tour, he referred to two operations carried out by security agencies<br
“Here, from Cali, I want to give a message of appreciation to the Public Force for the capture of five of those responsible for the terrorist attack against Esmad in Cali,” he said.

In that network message he continued: “Additionally, because of the operation against the Clan del Golfo in Antioquia. It is with actions that terrorism is defeated.”