PlatinumGames on the future of Bayonetta: “If there is interest there is no reason to stop the saga”

Bayonetta 3 reappeared in the September 2021 Nintendo Direct and will be released this year exclusively for Switch. Although there is no specific release date yet, PlatinumGames is still working on its development. In an interview with VGC, CEO Atsushi Inaba and developer Hideki Kamiya have reflected on the future of the saga. According to his point of view, if there is interest there is no reason for this third installment to be the last, although the decision corresponds to Nintendo.

“As long as fans are interested in the saga, I don’t think there’s a reason to stop. There are obvious cases where fans lose interest,” Inaba has said, but when you’re creative, “as soon as it’s made public, it doesn’t belong to you 100% anymore, it becomes something” that’s partially owned by you. Players. “Because of that, I don’t think the future of the series should be determined by its creator.”

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Nintendo decides first

Remember, yes, that the license belongs to Nintendo and that they cannot make a decision unilaterally. “It is not our decision. What we are in a position to do is focus on ensuring that Bayonetta 3 is the most entertaining and satisfying game possible”, has assured the president. Hideki Kamiya has added that it may be strategic to say that the saga will end with Bayonetta 3 to see how the players react. “If we say it’s the end, maybe users will say: ‘We want Bayonetta 4! We want Bayonetta 4!’”

The interview also touched on the thorny issue of Scalebound, the ambitious game directed by Kamiya that was going to be one of the great Xbox One exclusives, but was canceled by Microsoft. The creative has reaffirmed his position and has reiterated that he would like the project to have a second chance.

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