Pokémon GO: Hoppip Community Day Guide

Currently, Pokémon GO is celebrating its Valentine’s event, which marks the debut of Flabébé and its evolutions in the game. In addition, the Tour de Johto will soon take place, a major paid event that will be full of activities.

As if all this were not enough, this weekend we have another date on our calendar: February 2022 Community Day for Pokémon GO. Its protagonist will be Hoppip, as announced some time ago. Given how close the event is, I’m going to remind you of everything it brings us.

  • Date and time: Saturday, February 12 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (local time). ?
Hoppip PokemonHoppip Pokemon

Hoppip Community Day Highlights

This is, in my opinion, the highlight that the event brings us:

  • Hoppip will appear very frequently in the wild. ??
  • Hoppip will have a higher chance of appearing with his shiny colors. ??
  • Skiploom (the first evolution of Hoppip) will appear in the wild in parks. By capturing it, we will receive more Candy ++ Hoppip. ??
  • If we evolve Hoppip to Jumpluff (at most 2 hours after the event), it will learn the exclusive movement Acrobat > (charged attack). ??
  • Lot of 30 free Ultra Balls in the store. ?
  • The Gyms will give us up to 3 Raid Passes during the event. ?

We should also take into account the following additions:

  • Meeting Hoppip while taking pictures of our Pokémon. ?
  • Special investigation for a payment of €0.99: “Jumps, jumps and bounces”. ?
  • Community Day Pack for 1280 Pokécoins. Includes: 50 Ultra Balls, 2 Super Incubators, 6 Star Chunks, and 1 Elite Fast Attack MT. ?
  • Bonus: each Incense and Lure Module activated during the event will last 3 hours. ?
  • Bonus: Triple Stardust per catch. ??
Jumpluff Pokemon

And here comes the guide with all the details of the Hoppip Community Day of Pokémon GO, Trainers. Now all I have to do is wish you luck so that you can get some shiny Hoppip or one with good characteristics.

Finally, I remind you that Pokémon Masters EX is also celebrating its Valentine’s event, and has received the continuation of the main Sinnoh story, among other details.

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