Pokémon Masters EX receives several novelties from the Sinnoh Plot

Last January, Pokémon Masters EX added a new plot to its main story, centered on the Sinnoh region. This brought us other other additions to the game, such as the recruitment of Leon and Dialga, which is still available. Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to Evolve Mantyke and Mantine.

Today, I’m also here to tell you about the Sinnoh plot of the main story of Pokémon Masters EX. And it is that this has received today its continuation. Along with it, other interesting things have come to the game. I detail them all below.

Sinnoh news in Pokémon Masters EX

All of this is available in-game starting today:

  • Unreleased chapters of Sinnoh history from the Villainous Team Plot. ?
  • New Pokéfestival recruitment: Helio (Suit S) and Darkrai – until February 28. ?
  • Villainous Event: “The ideals of Team Galaxy” – until February 28. ?

Team Galaxy new villain-event details

These are all the details about the new celebration:

  • The event will consist of fighting different battles.
  • The main objective is to gather Palkia Orbs to strengthen > to the sync pair formed by Helio and Palkia.
  • We’ll also earn Event H Coupons, which can be exchanged for other items.
  • Sinnoh sync pairs will see their stats boosted, so I recommend using pairs from this region in battles.
  • The event has its own quests . These will allow us to win up to 700 jewels, combat system points, MoveCandy Coins and exclusive event emblems.

And here comes the information about what’s new from Sinnoh that has landed in Pokémon Masters EX. The truth is that I am looking forward to discovering all these novelties. However, I also continue to fight in the Valentine’s event, which goes a long way.

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Also, I remind you that the game has added a jukebox. This allows us to listen to the music of the game, although to enjoy some tracks we will have to unlock them with special coins.