Pokémon: they create a tattoo that fuses a dog with Arcanine… and the result is spectacular

Pokémon raises passions all over the world. This, combined with the creativity of the people, results in incredible works of art. A good example would be this terrifying Haunter animation, although this great recreation of Hisui’s Poké Balls is also not far behind.

Today, I bring you anotheranother incredible display of imagination and talent related to the Pokémon World. I’ll tell you in advance that it’s a tattoo, and it has Arcanine as the protagonist. I leave you all the details under these lines.

A tattoo of the Pokémon Arcanine and your dog at the same time? It is possible

This is all the information about it:

  • A person went to a Dobby Bouglas tattoo studio. ?
  • This client loves your dog, but also likes Arcanine. Therefore, he decided to make a tattoo of a creature that was a fusion of the two. ?
  • Far from wrinkling, good old Dobby created a design.. and the result is incredible. ??
  • I’ll leave it here below, since it was the Dobby Bouglas the one who shared the story at your TikTok profile. ??

And here comes the story of this great work of art in the form of an Arcanine tattoo. The truth is that I don’t even consider getting one, but the truth is that it seemed that the creation of this tattoo artist is spectacular. Before closing, I’d like to ask you a question: if you tattooed a fusion of a Pokémon with another being or thing… what would it be? I’ll read you in the comments.

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Finally, let me remind you that Valentine’s Day is very close, and the pocket monster games haven’t forgotten about it. Pokémon GO has started an event that marks the debut of Flabebé and his evolution in the game. On the other hand, Pokémon Masters EX has a new event starring Roxy and Judith, although we can also relive last year’s event.

Pokemon ArcaninePokemon Arcanine