Political and environmental leaders denounce threats in Magdalena Medio

Leaders of Magdalena Medio denounced that they received threats through a pamphlet signed by the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia.

“We check their links with subversive groups that they encourage and esteem, staining the people with their political ideas of guerrilla socialism, thus strengthening the urban structures camouflaged within trade unions, youth groups and organizations for the defense of human rights.

The document that mentions 28 political leaders and defenders of water, gives them 48 hours to leave the city and declares them a military objective.<br
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Faced with this threat, which the authorities are investigating, the Credhos organization spoke out.

“We demand respect for the work carried out by environmental leaders in Magdalena Medio and mainly in the municipality of Puerto Wilches, where they wage a permanent fight against fracking and defend water and life, we demand that the authorities investigate these events,” they say. <br