PS4 and PS5 receive a beta firmware update tomorrow that adds interface improvements, group chat, accessibility and voice commands

Sony will launch a new double update tomorrow, Wednesday, for PS5 and PS4, but for now only in Beta: a group of users will be able to test the new operating system news of PlayStation consoles, which cover a multitude of aspects: voice commands, communication with friends on the Game Base, accessibility…

These functions will be tested in this beta for selected users, which will be informed by mail. The beta program works in six countries (USA, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany and France), PS5 and PS4 will receive a new update with all these improvements and news.

Throughout 2022 they will be released for the rest of the users, although naturally there could be changes between the beta and its final version.PS5 update

The most significant changes are in the social aspect. The Control Center (Game Base) of PS5 is now divided into three submenus:Friends, Messages and in between, Parties. The Parties become the name of voice chats in groups, where you can send messages, images, video clips and see the content they share on their screen.

On PS5 and also on PS4 you can create Groups (Parties) closed where only invited players can join, even if they are on your friends list.

Regarding voice chat on PS5, you will now be able to identify exactly which member of the group is speaking at that moment, which will help you report it if you need to. You can also start share play directly from the voice chat floating menu.

A new feature of PS4 in this sense is that now you can individually lower the volume of the voice chat of each user, something that could already be done on PS5.

Perhaps the most interesting novelty is the voice commands, which at the moment only is being tested in English, for beta users in the US and UK.

If you activate the Voice Commands option in the options menu, you will be able to communicate with your console by shouting “Hey, PlayStation!” Out loud you can choose which game or app to open, or pause and rewind a movie.

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The interface and accessibility options of PlayStation 5 also improve with multiple changes:

  • You can filter your games by genre
  • You can choose which apps and games always appear on Homewith a new button in the options menu, up to a maximum of five with this option
  • You can have up to 14 games or apps on your Home screen
  • Improve the visual design of the trophy cards, and you can see the suggestions of what trophies you can win from the Control Center
  • In addition to the group chat menu, you can now launch Screen Share from the Create menu
  • You can select mono sound for headphones , plus Stereo and 3D Audio, helping people with hearing loss in one ear
  • Screen Reader text reader expands to Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, and Korean (it’s already aba in Spanish from Spain and Latin America).
  • Marks are added to all the settings you have activated

Remember that these changes will only be available for the moment for users of the program beta (which does not include Spain), and in the future they will be added for the whole world.

Of all this, the most innovative are voice commands, which beta users in the United Kingdom and the United States they can test to see if it’s useful to communicate with your console by voice, like a home assistant.