PS5 and PS4 announce an update with these news: voice commands and more new features

It’s been like a year and 3 months since the PS5 was released and there are still problems with the stock and it’s very difficult to get hold of one. At the beginning of every month, I always share a series of tips to get a new generation console from Sony, but it’s still not easy. In fact, I know of people who have wanted to buy a PlayStation 4 now because they didn’t have neither that nor the 5 and, given the scarcity of the new one, they have preferred to go for the 2013 machine.

Despite that, you can see that it is a console that has sold a lot. Well, at least the lucky ones who can say that we have a PS5 in our housewe are lucky that Sonyis gradually implementing new functions and features in said console, but hey, they also come to PS4. Let’s take a look!

New PS5 and PS4 features

It was on the PlayStation blog where they announced these new functions. It is worth mentioning that they are not yet available since they are in beta. They will arrive once that beta phase ends. These are all the news:

New chat-group options

  • (PS5 and PS4) – When you start a party, you can now choose if it is closed or open:
    • In a open party, your friends can see it and join
    • In a closed party, only people can join by invitation
  • (PS5) – Chat Report Update: If you want to report something someone said in a chat group, there are now visual cues so you can identify who was speaking.
  • (PS5) – You can now start Share Play directly from the party card
  • (PS4) – Now you can change the volume of each individual separately in a group

PS5 Game Base Improvements

  • Voice chats are now called groups. In fact, the Game Base has been divided into three different cards: friends, groups and messages.
  • From the Game Base menu, you can now:
    • See all your friends in the friends cardor access player search
    • Add a player to a group or create a new one directly from the Game Base
  • When someone in the group is sharing the screen, you can see it with an icon
  • Now it will be less far-fetched to reject a friend request

New PS5 UI Features

  • Games in the library are now can be filtered by genres
  • You can now leave games checked on the home screen with an option so that they always appear there (there can be a maximum of 5 games)
  • Now they have increased the number of applications that will appear on the screen (now there will be 14)
  • Updated trophy screen UI
  • You can share screen from the Create menu

New accessibility features

  • Implemented more languages ??for screen reading
  • Now you can put audio in Mono on headphones

Voice commands (still available in uk-and-us-only)

  • Voice features are being tested to open games, apps, settings and control media on PS5
  • Will work by saying “Hey PlayStation !” and then the function you want to request. Again, this will only be available to English speakers in the UK and US at the moment