Reasons why your fiber connection is slower than contracted and how to solve it

Internet speed is an issue for many homes and businesses. There are more and more computers and devices connected to the network and dependency grows, so as soon as you receive less speed than expected, you have to try to find a solution.

In this case we are not talking about the problems with Wi-Fi that are so common, but about the speed of the fiber optic that you can measure with different tools when you feel that your equipment does not reach what you have contracted.

The first of all is to point out that sometimes the reason is away from home. Depending on the company, you can reach the limit of what they are capable of managing in a specific area, such as where your home is located. It sounds strange, but it is enough to remember some times of the confinement to understand it.

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A case cited in The Conversation is that sometimes the routers offered by companies, or the one you have at home, are not fully compatible with fiber optics or have become obsolete . If you suspect this is happening to you, you should easily find information about it on the internet.

Next, if you are not connected by cable, it is also possible that your problem is that you are sharing the bandwidth with some neighbor. This occurs if you have contracted the same service (with the same router) and the factory settings have not been modified.

In the same way, if your home computers are old or your mobile phone is a few years old, they still are not able to take advantage of the benefits of fiber optics and may only manage a high part of the connection, not all possible.

One step to take yes or yes in case you don’t have enough speed at home is the one we mentioned before, change the WiFi channel, and it should almost be the first thing to do when They install the router together to solve the problem with the password. If you don’t know how to change it, we’ll explain it to you in this manual.

Anyway, there are some practices you should do with your computer if you’ve verified that you don’t have enough speed on it, such as closing and deactivate applications that you do not use regularly or disable automatic updates.

Finally, it is recommended that you disconnect devices that continue to consume data even if it is not necessary. Think of the number of them that are plugged in and connected to the network without you using them.