Resident Evil 4: Capcom will announce the remake in 2022 and the tone of the work will be much more sinister, according to Fanbyte

There is no doubt that the direction that Capcom has taken with the last installments of Resident Evil has been phenomenal for the franchise. It all started with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and continued with the remakes of the second and third games. Quite a success that has been endorsed by the visit to Lady Dimitrescu’s castle.

Therefore, a facelift for the fourth installment would be a logical step for the Japanese company to follow. Now, Fanbyte has once again revealed details about how the development of this title is. The media reports that Capcom plans to announce the work early this year, although a date has not been specified.

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Work on Resident Evil 4 Remake has been in progress since Resident Evil 2 Remake was being developed, although the project has passed through several hands. We learned last year that M-Two was the studio that was initially tasked with directing the game. This team was made up of former workers from Capcom and Platinum Games, who were shaping Resident Evil 3 Remake.

One of the big goals was to attract Shinji Mikami, original creator, to this revision, but the director preferred to focus on Ghostwire: Tokyo. Right now, it’s Capcom Division 1 that’s behind Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Changes from the 2005 game

They continue from Fanbyte explaining that the changes are coming. One of them is that the idea is not to trace the play from 17 years ago, scene by scene, since, for example, the entrance of Leon S. Kennedy arriving in town will take place at night. What’s more, darkness will be the predominant tone throughout most of the adventure, since Capcom wants to get closer to what we could see in the first appearances of Resident Evil 4.

On those occasions we were shown a twist in the saga towards the paranormal and we wanted to print that darker atmosphere. Regarding the story, they explain from the media that it is planned to give more relevance to secondary characters. One of them is Ada Wong, with whom we can play in a different section than Leon and in the remake she will return in a much more elaborate way to fit into the canon. It has not been made clear if it will be in the form of DLC or integrated directly into the game.

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