Resident Evil 4 Remake will be scarier than the original, and will expand Ada Wong’s missions

We’ve been talking about Resident Evil 4 Remake for about two years, a very important project with which Capcom will continue in the wake of Resident Evil 2 Remake, a game that I rated in my analysis as the best remake of the story, and frankly, I still stand by it as it is a true work of art.

During this time, the information that we have been seeing around Resident Evil 4 Remake has always remained focused on two main premises: that it will be faithful to the original and that, at the same time, it will introduce interesting improvements. It is clear that many of these improvements will occur at a technical level, and that thanks to the use of the RE Engine graphics engine, this new remake could become one of the titles with the best technical invoice of this generation.

However, we’re also expecting other big changes that will affect both gameplay and narrative, and now we’ve discovered that Capcom is also making changes to the setting that will be a major improvement, and will make Resident Evil 4 Remake is much better set than the original, and that ends up more scary than that one.

Resident Evil 4

In theory, Capcom wants to create a much more gloomy experience, and for this it intends to take advantage of the potential offered by the different locations of Resident Evil 4, especially the ones at the beginning, which take us to the village where the first stage of the game takes place.

In addition to looking for inspiration in the first trailers that were shown for the GameCube version, it seems that Capcom has also decided to play with the times of day in which the events of the original title take place, and that the first great encounter with the infected, the one in which Leon barricades himself in a house, would take place at night, and surrounded by a setting more typical of a horror movie.

Resident Evil 4 Remake will improve the setting, and give more weight to Ada Wong

The truth is that I really want to see what Resident Evil 4 Remake looks like under the RE Engine, and to see what improvements Capcom introduces at the setting level, but I was also very surprised by an alleged change that will affect one of the characters most loved by fans of the franchise, the emblematic Ada Wong.

Resident Evil 4

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, the contents “Operation Ada” and “Separate Paths” will be combined and expanded, a very interesting approach that, in the end, should result in a better gaming experience, provided it is done with due care. On the other hand, we may also see a better outlined story, something that, curiously, has recently been dropped by Shinji Mikami himself, father of the franchise, who acknowledged that he wrote the script for Resident Evil 4 in just three weeks.

We don’t have a confirmed exact release date, but the latest rumors I’ve seen pointed tothe end of this year, specifically between November and December. It makes sense, and fits with Capcom’s strategy of releasing at least one new Resident Evil every year (Resident Evil 2 Remake came out in January 2019, Resident Evil 3 Remake in March 2020, and Resident Evil Village in May of last year). ).

I don’t know if Resident Evil 4 Remake will be a current-gen exclusive title or if, on the contrary, Capcom will approach it as an intergenerational transition game. However, seeing what happened with Resident Evil Village, and the current situation that the new generation consoles are going through, with a still very marked shortage, I think that the safest thing is that said game will end up arriving as a generational transition title . If this is confirmed, it would be nice if Capcom introduced ray tracing to better take advantage of the capabilities of the new generation hardware.