Review of Dark desire season 2 – The “hot” crime does not rest on Netflix

When thinking about what Netflix hooks us with, we usually think of big blockbusters or animated series with hook, but those responsible are clear that erotic series are a gold mine among their audience. Rare is the week that there isn’t one in its Top 10 and Dark Desire has achieved it… For the second time.

The second season of Dark Desire returns Alma (Maite Perroni) and Darío to star (Alejandro Speitzer), who after their torrid relationship in season 1 seemed to have moved away completely… But Alma still wants him and doesn’t know how to “detox”.

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Shortly after, a violent death shakes Darío’s circle and both Alma and the rest of her relatives (Leonardo, Esteban, Zoe…) do not take long to see each other involved. Thus, this erotic thriller once again has a mysterious death as the engine of the plot.

But of course, on this occasion, new actors enter the scene, such as Lys, an old Darío’s ex-lover or the deceased person’s father. They all intermingle with the characters we already knew and give rise to something worthwhile: that we immerse ourselves in a story of intrigue in which the old acquaintances have as much to hide as the “newcomers”.

It is clear that many people will want to watch this Netflix series for its great claim: to see gorgeous and shapely actors “riding” between the sheets with the face of having the orgasm of their lives.

Practically all of the fifteen episodes of the season (each lasting half an hour) include their corresponding minute of “fornication” with cool music in the background. As we said with the first season, it is logical that these resources be included in an erotic thriller. The problem is that these “encounters” seem forced on many occasions, as if to comply with the file.

That said, they and the rest of the series are shot with a lot of professionalism and they use some very interesting visual resources, especially with the use of mirrors . Perhaps he has not taken as many risks as in the first season, but everything is very well presented.

What has been improved is in the balance of the sexual factor and the criminal . Although the first episodes place a lot of emphasis on Alma’s obsession, almost from the beginning the mystery part (who killed the girl? Why was that person there?) has more weight and gets hooked.

This is largely because the dialogue and acting of some characters are very interesting and have several layers in their evolution (Erik Hays’ Esteban Solares er, who you will remember from Sense8, is again our favorite, by far).

From the beginning, suspicions tend to revolve around Darío, so Alejandro Speitzer also does a good role playing being irresistible, but fearsome and mysterious at the same time. All this makes us get carried away by that plot that suggests that almost anyone could have been the culprit. Clues are not lacking…

In that sense, Dark Desire plays again the confusion with some arguments to make us believe that this or that person is the culprit, only to deny them a little. afterwards, which can be a bit frustrating. Not because we suspect someone not guilty (that’s the fun of these “whodunnit” stories), but because some clues are too forced.

Even so, it is true that at least Generally these lines of suspicion have been better resolved and misleading dreams are no longer abused. Instead, a very interesting resource is used: staging how the crime took place according to the hypothesis of the person who suspects it. Will any of the death scenes end up being the right one in the end?

The use of cliffhangers and a snappy montage make the half-hour episodes are very easy to watch and that it is very difficult to resist watching one more in one go. that there are some pedantic literary quotes and that certain subplots matter less to us (such as Zoe’s forced love triangle), but he jumps from one to another so quickly that he doesn’t have time to get bored.

Overall,season 2 of Dark Desire is a very worthy suspense story with an erotic component, which once again hits the mark when it comes to giving the viewer what they expect. Logically, the final resolution will surely leave some people a little cold after so many hypotheses raised, but as it happens with Darío, it was your fault for letting yourself be trapped by this “fucking” series.