Ricardo Quevedo was hospitalized: “The health that sometimes takes its toll”

The renowned comedian Ricardo Quevedo worried his followers with a photograph of him in a hospital. Through an Instagram story he showed his arm receiving intravenous therapy.

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Here at the clinic thinking about it a lot. I’m going to be here for a couple of days, but I’ll be back with everything to make you laugh“, highlighted Quevedo next to the image.

However, he recently delivered a piece of reassurance, as he assured that he is much better and that, in fact, this Tuesday he will have a presentation at the La Castellana National Theater.

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Health that sometimes takes its toll. But I’m ready to Get out of here and keep wandering because the pu… is my passion. Thank you for your little messages. See you tomorrow at the Teatro Nacional La Castellana. I love you very much“, wrote ‘Cejas Pobladas’ in his most recent publication in networks.

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Faced with the situation, his more than 1.4 million followers wished him a speedy Recovery. For his part, his colleague Iván Marín responded to the publication with great humor: “But we delivered it last night in perfect condition!!… What did he go on to do next?“.

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It should be remembered that Ricardo Quevedo is appearing together with Tato Devia, every Tuesday and Wednesday, at the National Theater La Castellana with his humorous monologue ‘Fuck everything‘.