Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Confirms Connection to Iconic Superman Villain

The Batman, the new DC Dark Knight movie directed by the director Matt Reeves and the actor Robert Pattinson as Batman/Bruce Wayne, is destined to start a new universe of the famous vigilante of Gotham in the cinema. A universe of its own that has already been confirmed to take place outside the current DC Extended Universe or DC Extended Cinematic Universe. Even so, The Batman does not give up winks to the rest of the characters and superheroes of DC Comics; so much so, that a novel as a prequel to the film directly mentions an iconic Superman villain as Lex Luthor and the city of Metropolis.

An expanding Batman universe

This is how the CBR medium picks it up, pointing directly to a phrase that can be read in said novel, a work that has also already shared important spoilers about the figure of Enigma in the film, something in which that we are not going to enter. Continuing with the topic at hand, in the novel we are introduced to a character named Dex who confirms the existence of both LexCorp (and consequently, Lex Luthor) and the city ??of Metropolis, two icons directly related to the figure of Superman.Robert Pattinson's The Batman Confirms Connection to Iconic Superman Villain

Lex Corp in the DC Universe Online video game

“Maybe run away to Metropolis. I heard that the LexCorp Race Team is developing new types of mechanical technology,” says Dex in the novel, thus confirming the existence of LexCorp in the same universe as The Batman. Let’s remember that this is not the first time that hints appear in The Batman about other DC characters; so much so, that during the filming of the film, photographs of an alleged Halloween party with people dressed as Superman and Wonder Woman were leaked.

The Batman opens exclusively in theaters next March 4, 2022.

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