Rockstar is seriously considering adding GTA RP or roleplay functions in GTA 6

The phenomenon that has been GTA RP or roleplay seems that Rockstar takes it very much into account. So much so that it is seriously considering adding features like this to the next GTA 6.

The great success of platforms like Twitch had streamers from all over the world playing a bit different from GTA V. In short, they played the role of their characters from the game, within GTA and in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators.

This way of playing GTA Online has made the fifth installment of the GTA saga one of the most viewed on the platform. And this seems to have got Rockstar Games’ attention for GTA 6.

Now that GTA 6 has been officially confirmed by Rockstar, a well-known insider has claimed that in the studio are seriously considering adding GTA RP features to this new installment.

We are talking about Tom Henderson, whom many of you will already know very well in Call of Duty and other games. During a Crash Games stream talking about GTA 6 and other games in development, Henderson has revealed something else.

The insider claims that Rockstar has something “new” in development right now for the next Grand TheftAuto. You can see the exact moment from minute 34:40 of the interview video.

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¬†When asked about mod tools and GTA RP servers, Henderson explained that Rockstar is already focused on it. “ They’re looking into it.

I think it’s going to be a strong push factor just because of the technology side of this ,” he said. “Like, the AI ??for example, which will be more sophisticated. That’s a fact.

The AI ??is going to be much better in this game. More interactive“. According to Henderson, a more advanced AI will give players a lot of roleplay potential and open new doors in the game.

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The online theme is where they are going to focus. Hopefully, it will mean there will be a good story in the game. But I imagine that everything is being done from scratch in GTA 6 so that GTA Online doesn’t turn into this massive thing they may or may not have been expecting,” he added.

Henderson suggested a little later that Rockstar could be in for big things for GTA 6. As if it’s his “definitive title” and keeps him alive for the next two decades.

As always, and although Henderson has a fairly successful track record, his thing is to wait for a official confirmation by Rockstar Games. Especially since the developments are very extensive and everything could change.

Of course, that GTA RP has been and is a success no one takes away. The fact that it seems that they are evaluating this for GTA 6 already shows it by growing up, don’t you think?

At the moment, GTA V and GTA Online for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S already have a release date and Take -Two is “extremely confident” in the quality of upcoming GTAs like GTA 6; who continues to believe in single player experiences.

With over 160 million copies sold, Rockstar continues to live on the success of GTA V. How far will they go and when will GTA VI be released? Time will tell.