Salt and Sacrifice is a promising ‘Souls-like’ that deserves attention, and it already has a release date

With all this “PlayStation Indies”, an initiative dedicated to promoting different independent video games that will arrive sooner or later on PlayStation consoles, I’m discovering quite interesting games. In addition to TMNT: Schredder’s Revenge (a game that drives my buddy Josep crazy), I think you should take a look at Salt and Sacrifice.

This ‘soulslike’ title is the sequel to Salt and Sanctuary, a work that arrived in 2016 from Ska Studios and that delighted fans of challenging games. His proposal is quite reminiscent of FromSoftware games, but I have to say that it really is a metroidvania, which makes it even more attractive .


  • This very afternoon, PlayStation presented us with a new trailer for Salt and Sacrifice which highlightsall the virtues of its gameplay
  • It was also announced that it will go on sale, both for PS4 and PS5, starting next May 10 ?
  • It will also come to PC (via the Epic Games Store), but it seems that it will be later
    some mysterious wizards?

Salt and Sacrifice presents its renewed proposal in a first and harsh gameplay

What did you think of this game? I didn’t know about Salt and Sanctuary until my partner Ronald told me about it, and the truth is that he completely sold it to me. Now I have an eye on Salt and Sacrifice, its sequel, and I hope I discovered this work and started to interest you a little, because I think it deserves it.