Samsung announces that Unpacked 2022 can also be seen in the metaverse

It almost goes without saying that they have been a strange few years in everything that refers to events in the world of technology. The coronavirus has caused most of them to be very controlled in capacity or that they can only be seen by streaming. Now at Samsung they are going one step further by also approaching the metaverse.

Tomorrow is the big day for Samsung and it is expected that all the information about the Galaxy S22 line and the Tab S8 will finally be discovered. It is not known if there will be any more news at Unpacked, but only with what is planned it will already be one of the most important events in the sector.

In this context, Samsung has announced that the event can also be followed by the metaverse and will be accessible on 837X, a recreation on the Decentraland virtual reality platform.


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This recreation will take users to the most important store that Samsung has in New York City. There they will be able to follow the event and observe in detail the new devices that will be presented, according to Engadget.

This has immediately aroused curiosity in the media and followers of the brand as it is a company that has not shown much interest in virtual reality or the metaverse in recent times, especially since announcing the closure of the Gear VR project in mid-2020.

The fact is that it is not known what the advantages of following the Unpacked through this platform will be or if any significant novelty will be implemented with respect to other options. Nor has more information been transferred from the company, only that this issuance route is added to the already numerous options available.

As with the new Galaxy S22, it will be tomorrow when we have all the information about it. It’s going to be an important day for Samsung. In Computer Today we will inform you about everything that is presented and we will comment on the Unpacked live.