Samsung is committed to greater sustainability and will recycle fishing nets to manufacture the Galaxy S22

We would like to think that technology companies are increasingly using more recycled material to manufacture mobile phones. We are no longer just talking about reusing second-hand devices or leftover parts, but also other materials such as single-use plastics.

The fact is that Samsung has announced through its blog that they will use a new plastic material with the Galaxy S22 series. These mobiles will be presented on February 9 and some features are already known, but the manufacturer is preparing the engines to promote them to the fullest.

According to the company, a percentage of the plastic in the devices will be made with “reused discarded fishing nets that were possibly going to remain polluting. It is part of the company’s new perspective on the use of materials.

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Samsung has reported that “These devices will reflect our ongoing effort to eliminate single-use plastics and expand the use of other eco-friendly materials such as post-consumer recycled material (PCM) and recycled paper.With this transformation, the future of Galaxy technology will bring leading product design and better environmental impact.”

This movement must also be understood in the context of the importance of fishing in a country like South Korea, with a great tradition that is reflected in its best-known gastronomy.

Although it has been reported that this new material will be incorporated into the manufacture of the S22, it is not known if this will happen with all mobiles. It will also be part of the new Galaxy Tab S8 tablet that we will soon know.

Few problems can be put to a similar ad. In any case, on the contrary, rather wish that more and more recycled materials be used in the manufacture of devices. In any case, in a few days we will know all this in more detail: Wednesday is Samsung’s big event to present these new devices.