Samsung to use recycled ocean plastic in its Galaxy line

Samsung Electronics announced that it has developed a material to give a new life to plastics found in the ocean with the in order to incorporate them into various Galaxy devices.

Several fishing nets that would be discarded in the ocean would be used in an environmental program called Galaxy for the Planet, which aims to minimize the footprint environment and help encourage more sustainable lifestyles for devices in the Galaxy line.

Each year approximately 640 thousand tons of fishing nets are left in the sea and for this reason the company decided to incorporate this type of recycled plastic in the line of products that it will launch in the future.

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The initiative is going to start with the new Galaxy devices that will have their reveal on February 9th in Unpacked.

This is an effort by the company to show that there is much more pollution than the one that is in plain sight for users and that ways can be developed to reuse some of these materials for technological purposes.

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