Samsung will debut the new Galaxy Book at MWC 2022

Samsung will unveil a major revamp of the Galaxy Book series at MWC 2022 starting next week in Barcelona. The objective is none other than to continue improving its position in the PC market. According to the company’s own data, sales of Samsung personal computers increased 63% year-on-year in 2021.

Samsung is well known as the world leader in the sale of smart phones or televisions, as well as being the first world manufacturer by income in semiconductors in a close fight with Intel. It also has an important catalog of PCs, which has focused on offering the best experiences in mobility and connection with the rest of the Samsung product ecosystem.

New generation of Galaxy Book

Laptops, convertibles and 2 in 1 of various screen sizes and hardware level, have been Samsung’s spearhead in personal computers. That’s where the renovation that will be presented at the world mobile congress will go, with prominence for Intel hardware, Microsoft operating systems and, perhaps, surprises such as the spectacular folding Galaxy Book Fold 17 that has been around for a long time.

The overall goal for 2022 is to “further remove the barriers in our users’ digital lives, so they can work, connect with loved ones, and enjoy their hobbies, from anywhere with simple and seamless technology experiences.” smooth«, explains Hark-sang Kim, Corporate EVP & Head of New Computing R&D Team at Samsung Electronics.

Galaxy Book

Seamless experiences

As part of this initiative, Samsung will emphasize device continuity, ensuring that they work together within the Galaxy ecosystem. And it is that as consumers buy and use a greater number of mobile devices, from smartphones and tablets, to computers and portable devices, it is crucial that the technology works properly regardless of the operating system or the format that they use.

The company remembers the progress together with Microsoft in applications such as Link to Windows, and during 2022 it will expand these experiences. From smartphones to PCs, Galaxy devices already maintain a seamless experience that enables access to Microsoft apps like Office, OneDrive, and Outlook for full functionality. In the future, they will bring more continuity to users as they work, connect and play.

Samsung to debut new Galaxy Book at MWC 2022 31

Galaxy Mobility powered by Intel

With the new generation of the Galaxy Book, Samsung aims to offer “the best PC experience” to date, combining the best of mobility and the Galaxy ecosystem connected together with the most advanced Intel processors (Alder Lake) to improve performance.

The company promises to improve the thickness and weight of its equipment (the Galaxy Book series has always stood out in these aspects) to increase mobility and autonomy, and ultimately productivity.

More security

Samsung recalls the increase in work at home due to the pandemic and the potential security risks for both them and their companies. From the South Korean firm they highlight their «commitment to offer safe and private experiences, regardless of where our clients are, to contribute to a safer society«.

To deliver the most secure PCs, they say they’ve been working alongside Intel and Microsoft to ensure the next generation of devices meet the most stringent security standards and combat modern security threats.

Samsung to debut new Galaxy Book at MWC 2022 33


Samsung will announce the new generation of Galaxy Book at MMWC 2022 and we expect equipment with different screen sizes and form factors, but with common points such as twelfth generation Intel processors; thinner and lighter; with Windows 11 operating system; stronger connection to your Galaxy mobile ecosystem, better continuity of work between devices, and enhanced security in response to increased cybersecurity risks.

There is no doubt. After the great launch of the Galaxy S22 smartphones (the most advanced on the market), Samsung seeks to increase its position in PCs that has not stopped growing year after year. We will tell you all the news at the MWC 2022 in Barcelona.