Secretary of the Environment reported an improvement in the air quality of Bogotá

Overnight, the Bogotá Air Quality Monitoring Network reported moderate conditions at all stations measurement, and in general, announced a downward trend in the presence of particulate matter, which is expected to continue for the next few hours.

According to the Secretariat of the Environment, the rains that occurred this Saturday in different areas of the city contributed to the improvement of the air quality conditions, which were also favored by the change in the direction and speed of the wind, which in general reduced the regional transport of pollutants from the east and south of the country, generated by forest fires and agricultural burning in these regions.

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Thus, the district entity said that if the weather conditions remain favorable and there is a notable reduction in emissions from forest fires, it is possible that the downward trend of the concentrations, since on Sunday there is less activity in the city compared to the business days.

However, the administration is expecting new increases to be registered this Monday, especially in the southwestern zone of Bogotá.