Sergio Agüero confesses what he experienced before and after retiring from football

Sergio Agüero he doesn’t play soccer, but he is aware of soccer. During the day he doesn’t miss games and, of course, he watches those of his former teams, like Manchester City and Barcelona.

He saw Barcelona win against Atlético de Madrid and called Jordi Alba, one of the scorers of the goals.

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However, in one of his broadcasts on Twitch he recounted what he suffered when he was in the hospital.

“I was left in a small room alone with a bunch of monitors around me and I realized something was wrong. And after two days hospitalized, I started to get nervous,” said the former FC Barcelona player.

The operation

And he added: “I have a chip here (pointing to his chest). At night I shoot colored lights, I’m Ironman. I have a chip, crazy, I’m cheto. And if it speeds up, he jumps to the doctor, “he said.

Agüero explained how the operation he underwent was, after they discovered the cardiac arrhythmia that got out of football.

“Come on Thursday and I have to put the chip in,” the doctor told me. He prepared a needle, pricked me. And after a while I see that he takes out a blade, a small knife. And he says to me, ‘Does it hurt? This one doesn’t cut well,’ and it changes. Like when you eat the asado and you want a serrated knife,” the Argentine joked.

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