Shadow Warrior 3 celebrates its launch day one on PS Now with a tremendous gameplay

Shadow Warrior 3, the new installment of the brutal first person shooter saga by Flying Wild Hog together with Devolver Digital, arrives to PC and consoles next March 1, 2022. And almost a week after its arrival on the market, PlayStation has confirmed that the title will be available the same day of its launch on PS Now, the PS4 on-demand video game service. strong> and PS5. And to celebrate the announcement, those responsible have shared a new trailer with almost 10 minutes of brutal gameplay and that you can see on these lines.

Shadow Warrior 3 comes to PlayStation Now at launch

Thus, those PS Now subscribers with a PS4 or a PS5 in their possession will be able to enjoy the bestial action of this new installment from the same day of launch of the title, hitting shots everywhere and wielding the katana with a chance to shatter enemies. Proof of this is this new trailer focused on a level that will allow us to exploit a good part of our protagonist’s abilities.

And as this new gameplay shows, we can switch at any time between melee combat and ranged fire using all kinds of firearms, in addition to taking advantage of the different characteristics and possibilities offered by the environments of the different levels. All this with a small caveat; if we execute the rival katana in hand, they will drop ammo and increase the level of the sword to execute new and more devastating attacks.

On the other hand, when we shoot the enemies we will recover health, so it will be essential to change gameplay if we don’t want to bite the dust right away. In addition, the use of the hook will also be vital to move with greater speed and reach inaccessible places.

Shadow Warrior 3 will arrive on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S next March 1, 2022.

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