Shoes are the items from our daily routine usage; if we look into an ancient era then it proves that shoes were first invented 1700 years before, the maker used soft but heavy leather with wooden sticks to make the first shoe and after that pair of shoe came to existence.

The main reason for wearing shoes is to protect your feet from all kinds of dirt and to protect yourself from any kind of injury while walking on rough routes. The type of color and style shoes you are wearing defines your personality and background you belong to.

In the 20th century, we have a number of shoe brands and outlets from where we can purchase our desire quality of shoes that match our oriented purpose. Maximum peoples from all over the world like to wear shoes of dark colors and sober look. Although shoes are categorized in the following types:

Types for Men                                                             Types for Women

1- Derby                                                                       1- Slingback

2- Oxford                                                                      2- Mule

3- Sneakers                                                                  3- Boots

4- Brogue                                                                      4- Jelly

5- Monk                                                                        5- Flip-Flops

6- Loafers                                                                      6- Slippers

7- Chelsea                                                                    7- Kitten heels

8- Boat                                                                          8- Wedge

9- Slip-Ons

10- Espadrilles

Variety of Shoes

Well, this is just a shortlist that have been described above but there is the number of shoe categories too which have not been mentioned. In many parts of this world, shoes are likely to wear with respect to customs, culture, traditions, festivals, and other occasions. People are curious to wear the same outfit color shoe and sometime in contrasts, especially women’s and girl spent most of the money in buying the same dress and color shoes. Read the most searchable article about Mehndi Designs.

Famous Shoes brands

Today there are multiple big and small companies selling different kinds of shoes, made up of a variety of qualities, materials, and colors that are also available. The most famous brands are mentioned below:

1- Nike

2- Addidas

3- Jordan

4- Reebok

5- Vans

6- Converse

All these above brands have multiple outlets almost in all over the world and continents; their yearly business turnover is in billions of dollars, they have huge industries and employee staff.

The most expensive shoe in the world keeps a worth of $15.5 million dollars and it keeps a Guinness world record.