Sifu consolidates as a success by reaching record sales in just three days

Look if Sifu is enjoying such popularity that even friends of mine, a little oblivious to video games, have been asking me what is this new game in which you can distribute wafers like bread and in the that you get older every time you die. The new Sloclap is hitting very hard, and the numbers did not take long to reaffirm my statement.

This afternoon it was announced thatHorizon Zero Dawn has already surpassed 20 million units sold worldwide, adding the commercial performance of the PC version. And shortly after, Sloclap stepped forward and revealed, with all the pride in the world, that Sifu has already been played by more than 500,000 people.

sifu 1sifu 1

The developer responsible for Absolver also wanted to specially thank the Chinese community, since Sifu has become number 1 in sales with its PC version. The successful approach to martial arts is certainly attracting a lot of players around the world, and I’m glad it does. It should also be noted that the physical edition has not yet been put on sale, so it is expected that the numbers will continue to rise like foam in the coming days.

Sifu will have additional content coming soon, multiplayer will still have to wait

The spectacular thing about this sales figure is not that it has been achieved, but the time in which it has been achieved. For a video game like this, which is not AAA, it is quite an achievement that more than half a million copies have been distributed in just three days. That said, what a foolish desire I have had to buy myself Sifu, you.