Sifu has begun to deliver beatings on PS4, PS5 and PC, although it is only a temporary exclusive

In recent days Sifu has become one of the most important releases of this 2022, something that is not for less, since the latest work developed by Sloclap has become a wonderful surprise due to its original proposal that already you can try it on your own if you get hold of it on PS4, PS5 and PC.

However, despite the fact that the launch of the game has been exclusive to compatible and Sony consoles, its arrival on other platforms is not ruled out. More than anything because the creators of this beat’em up have stated that Sifu is only a temporary exclusive to these systems.

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It has been on Reddit where the team has published a response to an entry in which a user asked about the possibility of seeing Sifu on consoles other than Sony’s. In this way Sloclap has dropped that although this exclusivity is temporary, they are focused on the versions that are currently on sale.

In the same way, it has not been specified how long this exclusive will last, but at least this notice can be hopeful for those with an Xbox or Nintendo Switch or for those who prefer to play on Steam, where they may the game ends up landing one day. Until then you can get hold of it on the PlayStation Store and also through the Epic Games Store.