Sifu just came out, but gamers are already doing crazy things like this

This may surprise you (or not), but I’m quite glad that Sifu is being so well received. I had the great honor of being able to play it in advance and do its preview, and it was quite a discovery. The fact that it aroused so many good feelings in me made it one of the most top games of this 2022. And if someone still has doubts about whether to play it or not, here I leave you with the analysis of my good boss Juan.

Sifu will have additional content coming soon, multiplayer will still have to wait

Despite the fact that Sifu has been with us for a very short time, the occasional content creator has gotten down to work to do real crazy things. And this is the case of a youtuber that I am going to present to you, who has made an impressive Speedrun. I look forward to seeing what else fans of the game surprise us with. Keep it up, we love you.

Sifu completed in-record-time and without dying

  • Dan Allen Gaming is the youtuber that has made this possible ?
  • What he has done has been a Speedrun by Sifu, completing it in 40 minutes and without dying ?
  • I leave you with the video below ?
  • How come you’ve beaten the game without dying? No one could see it, but when I played it they even gave me my identity card. I think I reached the maximum age of the number of beatings I received ?
  • The poor man was already doing worse than Dumbledore by the map of how long his beard was ?
  • What do you think? Would you be able to do something like that? Certainly not me, sincerity above all ?