Signal adds a novelty that almost seems impossible to reach WhatsApp

Although Telegram is the usual option when looking for alternatives to WhatsApp, Signal also has a very good image, especially among those who bet on privacy over everything else. This has caused, for example, that in the European Union they leave WhatsApp to migrate to Signal.

The fact is that in recent years they have put their batteries into Signal to add more important features than those that only concern security, such as the possibility of sending images up to 4K or the one that has just been announced now, a migration of all history between different phone numbers.

From now on, if you change your number, it will be possible to move all existing chats, messages and groups in which you are, with the conversations, to the new one. Nothing will be lost.

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To make this change there will be no juggling, but the option Change telephone number is added to the menu Configuration of Signal. When pressing on the function, you only have to enter the current number and the new one and follow the steps indicated by the application.

In The Verge they inform that when making this change of number a notice will appear to the contacts. A very useful detail because it will also serve to offer the option of updating your contact in their agendas with the new number.

In comparison, in WhatsApp there is a significant delay in terms of this type of migration and you still can’t even move the history between iOS and Android mobiles. We have been reporting for some time that this function will soon arrive, but months go by and it does not finish. For this reason, the novelty of Signal seems even more distant.

In short, a Signal function that many will surely appreciate if it is done with the proper security measures so that your account is not stolen. Surely within not too long it will reach other messaging applications.