In this mega guide we tell you how to skydive in Dubai , on the island of the palm tree. If you want to know how to book, what is the price of the tandem, tips and which company is the safest to parachute over the island of the palm tree in Dubai, keep reading! Skydiving Dubai is an amazing adventure which trained people must try.

7 am. The alarm clock rings, the sun was already making itself felt on the skyscrapers of Dubai and although we hardly slept due to the adrenaline sparks that we had already begun to feel from the night before, we woke up excited and without a hint of laziness. The sheets did not stick to us like on other occasions.

The most anticipated day of our trip had arrived, only a few hours separated us from throwing ourselves into the void at more than 3,900 meters high and seeing one of the most spectacular engineering works in the world as few have seen it. Enjoy it from the sky, only as birds can and in all its splendor… We were only a few hours away from skydiving in Dubai , on the luxurious artificial island in the shape of a palm tree : Palm Jumeirah.

Skydive Dubai: Skydiving Over Palm Island

We had reserved our spots 3 months in advance, as these types of adventure sports are in high demand and tend to end quickly.

We chose the first time available on the web (10 in the morning), since we wanted to jump into the first group. The whole experience lasts between 3 and 4 hours and we wanted to take advantage of the rest of the day.

The reservation time is not the time of the jump, it is the time you must report to the jump center and from there the registration process begins.

The day of skydiving Dubai over the Palm Jumeirah

We had to show up at 10 am, so we took the opportunity to walk around Dubai Marina for a while before heading to the diving complex. Games for Love – 7 Love in Games with Lot of Love.

We arrived a few minutes before 10. There were a few crazy people like us, but the door was still closed. We had to wait a little while in the scorching sun until we were finally able to get inside.

skydiving in dubai

Once inside they told us to sit down. We carried with us all the necessary documents to be able to jump: the reservation form, our passports, the signed document, in which it basically says that the company is relieved of ALL responsibility; In other words, if there is any negligence, accident or you kill yourself, you cannot claim for ANYTHING.

After a while they opened some desks where the whole pre-jump process began. While in another area the instructors prepared and fixed their parachutes , we handed over the documents, checked our passports, weighed and measured us, and gave each one of us a ticket with our names and told us that they would call us to prepare.

dubai skydiving

At that moment the emotion was beginning to feel a little more. After a few minutes our respective instructors approached us and took us to an area where they taught us step by step everything we had to do before, during the jump and at landing time.

skydiving in dubai price in rupees

After going through the process a few times to memorize it and not have any accidents, they put the harness and safety elements on us. Our camera came up to us, told us that he would ask us some questions, film us and take some photos for the video.

cost of skydiving in dubai

The entire registration process is in English, although when they take the data there is not much talk so if they do not master the language there is no problem.

dubai skydiving price

When the cameraman films you, he also asks the questions in English, but we answered in Spanish. It didn’t make sense that we were speaking in English in our video.

When the instructor teaches you everything you have to do, he also does it in English. This is important for them to understand well, although first they can ask if there is an instructor who speaks Spanish. Mine was from Brazil and had lived in Spain so he spoke Spanish perfectly. Sonia’s was French but spoke English perfectly.

The camera jumps with you to document every moment and reaction of the jump . The pictures and video are included and deliver it to a USB 30 or 40 minutes have landed.

The long awaited moment had come. Our names appeared on the screen and we walked with the instructors to a small open-top van that would take us to the plane. Once it takes off it takes about 10 to 15 minutes until it reaches 13,000 feet in altitude. During this time our respective cameras were recording us and taking photos, while we were talking with the instructors.

dubai skydiving cost

skydiving in dubai price

skydiving in dubai cost


They opened the door of the plane. Sonia and I were the last and we saw how each one of the group was jumping, until it was our turn. My heart was beating a thousand times, I felt the adrenaline rush through my body, I couldn’t believe it …

I saw Sonia jump and I heard her give a cry of happiness (the photo is worth a thousand words), when I was at the door I confess that I was a little scared. If the jump had depended on me, I don’t know if I would have done it, but then I let myself be carried away by the instructor.

skydiving price in dubai

So I raised my head a little, we got into position and fly… I screamed with excitement like I had never done before. You feel how you fall at great speed. The feeling is truly indescribable, a unique feeling. I think it is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their life .

dubai skydiving price in rupees

The free fall lasts about a minute until the instructor opens the parachute and you are suspended in the air enjoying the view. The palm tree island looks perfect, also the Burj Al Arab , the Atlantis The Palm hotel and the entire Dubai Marina . A little further afield, the Burj Khalifa peeks out timidly through the mist.

My instructor even taught me how to handle the parachute . I was able to spin in the air to the right, to the left; I braked and went faster. Even with adrenaline in my head, I felt like the king up there. While Sonia was telling her instructor “land in the pool! Land in the pool!” from one of the luxurious hotels.

The whole jump lasted about 5 or 6 minutes until we landed right next to the complex, where we did all the pre-registration. The cameraman landed before us to continue documenting the video. We took off the safety harness, a last photo to remember with the instructor and back to the center to wait for the USB with our video and our photos. ?

Inside the center there are computers or computers so they can see their video and photos, so as soon as they gave it to us we ran to see it. We can’t hold back.

Types of Dubai Skydiving

There are 2 types of parachute jumps to choose from:

Tandem skydive in the desert and tandem Dubai Skydiving on the island of the palm tree , which was the one we chose. The tandem jump refers to skydiving in which a trainee parachute jump with an instructor, joined by means of a dual harness.

Skydiving Cost-Price in Dubai

The price varies according to the type of jump.

The price of the skydiving Dubai tandem on the island of the palm is 547.20 euros and the skydive tandem on the desert costs 422.80 euros subject to the price change by the operator.

Requirements to skydive

  • The  minimum age  to participate in this activity is  12 years old .
  • The  minors (between 12 and 17 years)  must be accompanied by parent or guardian or bring a signed permission slip along with a photocopy of the identity card .
  • The  maximum weight for skydiving Dubai is 90 kilos for women, and 100 kilos for men.
  • Those  over 70 must present a document signed by a doctor proving that they have an optimal physical condition to skydive .
  • Important! The Palm Jumeirah parachute jump is only available from September to May, between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

Arrival time for the parachute jump 

  • The time mentioned in the reservation is the arrival time, not the time of the parachute jump .
  • In the email they send they put the address of the jump center and a link with the location on google maps.
  • If they are late, they may no longer be able to jump. Better to show up a few minutes in advance

What clothes to wear to parachute 

  • Within the indications it is mentioned to be respectful with the local culture.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, preferably sports and sports shoes.
  • Sandals, boots or high heels are not allowed.
  • Low-cut blouses, collared shirts, tops or shorts are not allowed.
  • Wear only shirts with short or long sleeves, sleeveless shirts are not allowed

What to wear on the day of the parachute jump 

  • A completed and signed copy of the form.
  • A valid national identity document with photograph and official (we carry passports).
  • Those over 70 must fill out the fitness form in which they declare that they are fit to jump. The document must be signed and stamped by your doctor.
  • Finally, if they have suffered from any of the diseases mentioned on the form, they must also fill in the declaration of aptitude. The document must be signed and stamped by your doctor.