Snapchat will let you change your username starting February 23

While TikTok seems to be slowly absorbing users from all social networks, many still use the platforms from which many of TikTok’s favorite features grew, like Snapchat. However, with a majority of users who started using this social network a few years ago, it is not difficult to find many regrets with their chosen names.

And it is that for years, Snapchat has absolutely limited the change of these account names, being the only way to change our username to discard our account to create a new one, losing data such as our list of friends, memories , instant score, etc. Something that will finally change.

Recently introduced for testing, it seems that the company has finally decided to implement this option for all iOS and Android users. This way, anyone can now change their Snapchat handle without setting up a new account and having to start over. However, we will still have a small limitation, since we will only be able to change our name once a year.

Snap recognized that people grow and change over time, and many of them probably don’t want to stick with a bad username they came up with a decade ago, possibly during their teenage years.

Snapchat change username username

So, the method to change our profile name will be really simple. We will only have to open our Snapchat application from our mobile, access our profile and enter the configuration options of our account. Once here, we can press our username and select the new option “Change username”.

Unfortunately, we will still have to wait a little longer to be able to access this option, which, as the company has already detailed, is expected to reach everyone from next February 23rd.