Some Cities: Skylines mods contained terrible malware that has infected thousands of users

Somewhat worrying news that has come to light for all those who have a copy of Cities: Skylines and have installed some other mod, because it is possible that some of them contained malware. This has been reported in a Reddit thread in which they have indicated that all those mods published by someone who was using the names of Holy Water and Chaos have been affected.

Specifically, it has been produced in versions that have been redesigned and published again in some of the most popular mods, so Valve has taken action on the matter and has completely removed some of them from the Steam Workshop, in addition to having suspended the account of the person responsible for this despicable act.

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Some of these mods are Harmony, Network Extensions and Traffic Manager: President Eition, so your thing is to strongly check your computer in case it has been affected. In addition, it is recommended to unsubscribe from any of the mods published by its author and never sign up for, download or install anything that may come from it.

From what we can read in Eurogamer some 35,000 users may have been affected who, because of all this, have had unauthorized mods installed that what they did was cause a malfunction in those that had not been created by Chaos. Even so, it is feared that the person in charge could return to the fray with a completely new account, so there is no other option but to wait for Valve to provide a more secure solution in this situation.