Sonic The Movie 2 speeds through the Super Bowl in this trailer

The players in the NFL may be blazing fast, but none of them are as fast as SEGA’s hedgehog. In the heat of the Super Bowl, one of the great sporting events in the United States, Paramount Pictures has presented a new trailer for Sonic The Movie 2, a video of more than 1 minute in length that you can enjoy on these lines.

With only a few months to go before its world premiere, Sonic and Tails must face a new threat orchestrated by the usual, the evil doctor Robotnik (Jim Carrey). The official social media account has also taken the opportunity to post a few short announcements on social media.

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In search of the emerald

The official synopsis for Sonic The Movie 2 follows the adventures of Sonic and Tails. The hedgehog is resting when he discovers that Dr. Robotnik has been up to his old tricks again, as he has allied himself with Knuckles to sow chaos in the world. His main goal is to get hold of an emerald that has the power to annihilate civilizations, although it can also build them (it’s probably the opposite of what this Machiavellian antagonist wants). The hero duo will have to get ahead of the villains and get the emerald before it falls into the wrong hands.

After the success of the first film, it was a matter of time before the sequel was announced, especially when its director, Jeff Fowler, publicly expressed his desire to continue the story. They could not arrive in time for the 30th anniversary of the character, but they will do so the same one in which the new video game in the saga is launched, Sonic Frontiers for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Sonic: The Movie 2 will make its debut in the international market next April 8, only in theaters.

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