Sony and the creators of GT 7 anticipate an “innovative” project based on AI

Sony and Polyphony Digital, the studio behind Gran Turismo 7, have announced a joint project. They have done it through a brief teaser trailer in which they anticipate news in this regard. We know that it is a collaboration in which the artificial intelligence division of the Japanese company will participate. No specific details have been provided in this regard, beyond the video, which you can see below these lines.

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Graphics options in Gran Turismo 7

Polyphony Digital’s new production is just around the corner and many are asking questions about performance and graphic effects. Kazunori Yamauchi himself, director and father of the saga, confirmed to FreeGameTips that there will be two main modes on PS5:

On the one hand, the FPS mode will offer the highest refresh rate, which will work as standard at 60 FPS. The resolution (not yet known if natively) will reach 4K; on the other hand, the Ray-Tracing mode adds this effect, although only in repetitions and in photo mode. It has not been confirmed what the framerate will be in that mode.

Gran Turismo 7 was originally announced as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, but much like Horizon Forbidden West or God of War: Ragnarök, Sony has chosen to offer the product to PlayStation 4 players as well. The truth is that the semiconductor crisis has slowed down sales of the new generation machine, since despite the fact that the demand is enormous, the manufacturing process has been seriously compromised.

Everything is ready for the race to begin. It will do so starting next March 4th, the date on which the tires will begin to burn on PS4 and PS5.

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