Sony enables a new voice control feature for PS5

Officially announced yesterday, Sony has just released the new system update for both PS4 and PS5, which adds a nice assortment of new accessibility and quality of life features, among which no doubt highlights the previously advanced voice control function for its new generation console.

Starting with a beta version only initially available to English-speaking users in the US and UK, though already confirmed for later addition in all other languages, the company is adding a system option that will make the console responds to the voice command “Hey PlayStation”, in a similar way to the way PS4 currently acts, allowing us to navigate through the menu and even launch applications.

As part of the same update, Sony is also changing the way group chats, which will soon take on the former name of “Party”, work by adding the option to set up private groups or open to the public. A function that will not be exclusively limited to our list of friends without the need for an invitation, but also your friends. Although this rule will not continue to apply indefinitely, so we cannot speak of a completely public chat either.

Another new feature for PS5 comes with the new filter for the library, with which we can filter our games directly by genre. In addition, we will also have other interesting news such as the expansion of the featured games on the cover, now being able to keep up to five of them on the home screen of your console for quick access. Sony also updated the layout of the trophy cards and added support for more screen reader languages, among other changes.

In addition, both PS4 and PS5 have other new features that will have an accessibility improvement that will allow us to configure the audio output with headphones for monaural sound, focusing all the audio output on a single headphone in instead of using stereo sound.

Thus, although it is not known when the tests for other languages ??such as Spanish will begin, Sony has already announced that users will be able to enroll in its beta program to be informed and have early access to this function. However, if we want to wait for the full feature polish, we’ll still have to wait until the release of the full update, due later in the year.