Sony LinkBuds: these are the curious ring-shaped headphones that Sony has just presented

Sony has just expanded its catalog of Bluetooth headphones with a truly surprising model due to its ring-shaped open controller and comes with a very compact charging case.

The Sony LinkBuds are Sony’s new audio proposal, which integrates a 12 mm driver with a ring shape that is inserted inside the ear. Beyond its innovative silhouette, the LinkBuds provide a series of new functions that improve use in the work environment or in daily use.

Volume control adaptive , voice recognition to mute the music or a new system of touch gestures that do not require you to hit the headset are some of its additional functions.

The open earphone concept is not new. In fact, it has been used in headband headphones for decades. However, this concept has never been applied to in-ear headphones.

The Sony LinkBuds have an ergonomic design in which the ring that forms the 12 mm driver is inserted inside the ear, leaving only a discreet white or gray sphere visible dark.

Their open design is not as occlusive as noise-canceling models that isolate the user from everything that happens. It is just the opposite, they keep the user aware of what is happening around them without penalizing the quality of the sound they reproduce.

Sony wanted users to stay in touch and communicate with your colleagues in the office or on a daily basis, and can enjoy your music in the easiest way possible when nobody bothers you.

That is why intelligent listening technologies have been developed based on artificial intelligence algorithms such as Speak-to-chat, a system that detects when they are speaking to you and automatically mutes the headphones so that the user can respond, and immediately resumes music playback.

The Linkbuds that Sony has just introduced also adapt to the environment of a noisy city and, thanks to the sound function adaptive, adjusts the music volume to adapt to ambient noise.

Man with wireless headphones in a city

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In addition, they allow integration with the Google Assistant and with Alexa, allowing their activation with the keyword of each of them.

Each earphone has a weight of 4.1 grams and offers an autonomy of about 5.5 hours. The accompanying charging case has a weight of 34 grams offering an additional autonomy of 12 hours. In total, 17.5 hours of autonomy.

The new headphones have IPX4 water resistance that protect it from splashes, rain and of sweat.

In terms of sound quality, the Sony LinkBuds mount the V1 chip, which integrates a dedicated DAC and a low distortion amplifier. In addition, it has the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) audio enhancement system that reconstructs the quality of the audio files it plays.

The control system gestural also brings some new features. The gesture system is not limited to the external surface of the headset, but also extends to the area of ??the face near the ear, thus avoiding annoying knocks on the headset and strong>are replaced by gestures directly on the skin.

For our part, Sony has sent us a pair of LinkBuds that we are already testing and very soon we will bring you the complete analysis with all the details and our opinion on its performance.