Sony Santa Monica -God of War- seeks staff “for a new large-scale project”

It is the launch year of God of War Ragnarok, one of the most anticipated games of this 2022 and with a date yet to be specified, but in Santa Monica it has been a long time thinking about your next project. Today we have new information about it, and that is that the Californian studio has published a job offer looking for an Art Director in which it talks about “a new large-scale project”.

Something brand new in Santa Monica

An expression where the word “new” stands out above all else, since in Santa Monica they have been working solely and exclusively on the God of War saga since no less than 2005. Since then three numbered installments have appeared, two spin off for PSP and a prequel -Ascension- on PS3, in addition to the recent 2018 reboot and God of War Ragnarok, which will arrive this year, but as we said, on a date yet to be determined.God of War

But let’s get back to business, and that’s this new game. “Join us and embark on a new journey,” begins the description of said offer. “Coordinates large teams of artists across multiple areas to execute on the creative promise of a large-scale new project.” In addition, they specify that they are preferably looking for someone with experience in the development of AAA games, and it should also be remembered that at the time, in another job offer, they spoke of someone specifically with experience in “fantasy” worlds and characters. “.

Also, this is the most recent offer, but not the only one. Other profiles such as Rendering Programmer or Character Concept Artist are also required in which a new project is also mentioned. However, it is not certain that it is the same one that we have been talking about or even a different one, since it is not ruled out that Santa Monica has more than one game in development.

Source: Santa Monica