Spectacular poster of The Batman with an Enigma victim taped up

Of all the villains that Robert Pattinson is going to have to face in the new The Batman movie, it seems that the most dangerous of all is going to be the one played by Paul Dano, Enigma, Well, we have already been able to see in the trailers and previews how his presence seems to be the one that most torments the ghost of Gotham.

A presence that can also be noted in the spectacular gigantic poster that Matt Reeves’ film has premiered to promote itself in Germany, where you can see a bat made of duct tape that just in the center it has what looks like the corpse of a person. Well, as we have seen in the previews, Enigma really likes to use this adhesive.

A spectacular poster in which you can also read the release date of the film, next March 3, as well as the phrase “no more lies”, because As it seems, Enigma is willing to unmask Bruce Wayne in front of all of Gotham so they know that he is actually The Batman.

If the rumors are true, this new film of The Dark Knight is going to be the longest of this character in theaters, since it is said that the film directed by Matt Reeves will to have a duration of almost three hours, which in addition are not going to be about having tea with pastries since it is expected that violence will be the order of the day.

The Batman is preparing to start pre-sale tickets with a clip that will fuel theories for the next few weeks

In fact, Robert Pattinson himself, the protagonist of the film, he has already confessed in an interview that his Dark Knight “enjoys” hurting criminals since for him it is like a way to free himself from all the resentment and hatred he feels for those who hurt him. they hurt him and his family.

With less than a month to go before The Batman hits theaters on March 4, we can’t wait to see what Warner has in store for us as promotional material.