speed of light

speed of light

What if could travel like the speed of light?

As we know that lights travel at 3×10^8 km/h, its approximately 3 lacs kilometre per second. Even light is the fastest travelling thing that we have on our planet as with this speed light can cover 7 complete rotation of earth within just one second. It passes in front of our eyes without knowing ourselves, as our universe is most huge and the largest that we can’t imagine its starting and ending means we cannot analyze the actual parameters of this universe.

Scientists have been trying since along to explore the universe as much as a human can but we can’t explore it at 100%. The reason is distances and time (age required in travelling from one place to another).

 Fact: We you know that in this universe we have planets, then galaxies. And one galaxy is at light-years distant from another galaxy. The icing on the cake one light-year completes when you travel for a year as the speed of light.

speed of light
speed of light

 Human Approaches

So if we desire to visit other galaxies then we must have to attain a speed of light which is 3 lacs per second approximately, alternate way is that we make any machine or aircraft which travels as lights velocity, humans do not have such ages also that we could travel from one galaxy to another in our certain age so easily, till this 2020 century when humans have created all comforts for life and in an era of smart technologies, we do not have any aircraft whose speed even looks close little bit to lights speed, instead knowing all these truths humans are all motivated and determined that probably in future we would be able to create such an aircraft travelling like speed of light.

Fiction & Assumption

Challenges are not ended here, suppose if you are travelling with a speed of light and suddenly any object comes across your plane then the collision will happen same as the nuclear explosion because you will be travelling with very high speed, at such speed human eye will be unable to see any nearby or side by objects too and he will be seeing the only spot of light coming in front of eyes.

Above the earth, we have space which and we can call a type of vacuum, in space billions of stars, planets and mountainous size rocks present so at such high speed and unclear vision we can collide with any of these things. If somehow we manage to survive these all huddles then within seconds we will be at the moon, Venus is 4 crores 14 lac kilometre far from earth but we will be at Venus in 2 minutes and 30 seconds if we can travel with the speed of light. Same for Mars which is at 7 crores 83 lacs kilometre distant from the earth, but we will reach at Mars within 4 minutes and 10 seconds. Sun is 15 Km far from earth but with this speed, we can cover such much distance in just 9 minutes.

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