Squabble, the battle royale version of the fashionable Wordle game

The first viral game of 2022 is not a console title nor can you find it on Steam, but rather a browser game called Wordle, where we are invited to guess a series of words, in a program that has already caused a real rage, with a multitude of clones appearing shortly after.

However, Worlde has been such a success that it has even been acquired by The New York Times to be able to exploit it much more in the future, but as many others thinking minds are taking advantage of the situation to launch new versions, one of them offering an unexpected multiplayer aspect: a kind of Battle Royale-style Wordle.

And right now is in beta Squabble, a multiplayer version of Wordle where up to 99 players can participate at the same time competing to see who is the last one standing, guessing words.

While it has the same mechanic of having to guess a five-letter word, there are many differences in its rules game because we will receive a point of damage every second that it takes us to guess the word but healing the damage when we hit the corresponding word.

On the other hand, there are two game modes such as Blitz mode where 2 to 5 players can play, although Squabble Royale mode where 6 to 99 players can play.Squabble

Squabble is currently in beta, so it may still have some bugs and it’s a bit difficult to find open games , but best of all is that you can enjoy it as a guest without having to enter any type of personal data.

The screen interface is very simple, everyone already knows how it works, and if you always wanted enjoy Wordle with as many other players at the same time, it is likely that you will end up hooked on this new browser game that is already preparing many new features for a more stable version.