Square Enix plans more HD-2D style remakes like Dragon Quest III or Live a Live

Octopath Traveler was the first Square Enix game to use this graphic style specifically designed for 2D 16-bit titles. With Triangle Strategy about to come out, Dragon Quest III Remake is another product on the production line, but not the only one. During the broadcast of a radio program available on YouTube, producer Tomoya Asano confirmed that the Japanese company is considering more remakes in this direction.

“The president has asked us to use [the HD-2D style] more, so we have decided to think about remakes of titles from the past”, said the producer. “We have chosen possible video games and we have thought about which ones could be remade in HD-2D, we have offered them to the president.” Asano has stressed that the list includes “games released by Square and Enix for the Super Nintendo”, those that fit this graphic style, as well as others that do not.

According to the producer, the first winner of that list is Live a Live, which was recently announced: “ActRaider came in second place.”

What is Live a Live?

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Live a Live is an unprecedented game in the West that came out for the Super Nintendo in the Japanese market. Starting next July 22 it will be possible to enjoy the new version in all the main markets. It is a role-playing and strategy game that allows us to travel to different times, from prehistory to the Wild West, passing through a futuristic era. The title is currently planned for Nintendo Switch.

Triangle Strategy, on the other hand, is a tactical type game that will also see the light of day in the Kyoto hybrid. It will go on sale on March 4, but it is already possible to download a demo in the Nintendo eShop. We invite you to read our impressions at this link.

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