Stop allergies: this Xiaomi purifier is reduced to only €89 and is perfect for breathing easy at home

The story of allergy sufferers and air purifiers is a love story, and these devices are perfect for those people who suffer every year from the presence of microscopic allergens of all kinds. On the street it is practically impossible to avoid it, masks aside, but at home they do not have to suffer.

With an air purifier you can purify quite a few cubic meters constantly, thus avoiding all the symptoms, and not only that, but there are very cheap models, with 100 euros clearly being the limit in what can be considered affordable. Just below falls right now the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C, which drops to only 89 euros in the official store of the Asian brand.

It is a fairly powerful model, capable of removing up to 99.97% of particles, so regardless of what you are allergic to, it will be a fundamental help in your day to day life.

My Air Purifier 3C

This air purifier is recommended for rooms up to 31 square meters. It serves to eliminate suspended particles, something useful for people with severe allergies.

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Furthermore, you don’t have to do anything, just plug it in and let it evaluate the environmental conditions on its own in automatic mode, which adjusts the intensity of the airflow depending on the amount of particles detected by its sensor.

If it suddenly detects that the air quality has noticeably worsened, it will switch modes to clean more air until things improve.

According to Xiaomi, the Mi Air Purifier 3C can complete an efficient cleaning of rooms of more than 100 square meters in just a few minutes, constantly renewing the air, and in this it can be said that it surpasses practically all its competitors, especially since a purifier of such capacity usually costs more than 200 euros. on Telegram

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Not only that, but you can link it to the Xiaomi Mi Home application to control it remotely wherever you are, activating or deactivating it and being able to see the quality of the air in your home.

For now, this same model is completely sold out on Amazon, and it is not surprising since this year the demand has increased a lot and very soon due to the temperatures, which have caused spring allergies to start in February instead of March or April as usual .

As it costs 89 euros in the Mi Store online, shipping is totally free from Spain and to any part of Spain, with the three-year guarantee established by law, one more than was normal until 2021.