Strategic Marketing and Predictive Analytics: The Power of Smart Anticipation

Marketing departments spend a lot of time and effort analyzing the results of their campaigns to establish new strategies. What if, instead of looking back, you could analyze looking forward? Big data technology and artificial intelligence allow the creation of strategic marketing campaigns based on predictive models capable of predicting the behavior of a customer. In this article we want to unravel the possibilities of predictive models in marketing campaigns.

What are predictive models?

Predictive analytics uses data, algorithms, and machine learning techniques to identify the probability of future outcomes based on historical data . In other words, predictive models use data analysis to predict the actions and strategies that will be most successful and convertible. Thus, we obtain predictive intelligence that drives marketing decisions: the key to strategic marketing .

How do predictive models fit into strategic marketing?

According to Salesforce, 91% of top marketing companies are implementing predictive analytics as the foundation of their strategic marketing. And it is that using the data to “predict the future” is a great value that allows us to better understand the relationships to make the best decisions.

Accurate prediction of customer behavior

The strategies based on customer centric are the order of the day : to be able to focus actions depending on the customer’s profile, their tastes and through the best channels is a trend that gets very good results.

The predictive analysis , after studying the profile of the customer, is able to reveal what you want, when I want, how they want it and how it is easier to reach him to convert . The algorithms work to identify satisfied and dissatisfied customers, allowing the creation of strategic marketing campaigns adapted to each need.

Identification of potential customers

Having the ability to spot truly potential customers and distinguish them from unqualified prospects, which end up costing more time and investment, is a very valuable resource. Identification models based on artificial intelligence find users with similarities to the existing buyer database, thus maximizing opportunities for new sales.

This technique is very successful for companies with more modest strategic marketing budgets, as it helps ensure that resources are used at the right time, reaching people who are more likely to become customers .

Personalized communications

Clients expect companies to address them in a personalized way: they expect them to know them, to know their name, their tastes… Having the ability to carry out personalized communications generates great trust in the client and makes them exceed their expectations . Thus, thanks to segmentation or intelligent recommendations for cross-selling, they reach customers with unique messages that improve their user experience, with the consequent possibility of conversion.

When companies are able to embrace new tools and implement strategic marketing actions based on artificial intelligence and predictive analytics , a level of persuasion is achieved that goes further, becoming a qualitative differentiating factor. At Cognodata we have been working with powerful machine learning tools for more than 18 years that allow us to obtain better results in an optimal way.

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