Street Fighter 6 will feature a director from Bayonetta 2 and Star Fox Zero

Street Fighter 6 is the big name of the week. The return of Capcom’s quintessential fighting saga is in development and will arrive soon on a date to be determined and on platforms to be confirmed. The information is quite scarce at the moment, but now we know that Yusuke Hashimoto will be one of the main game designers of the title.

Who is Yusuke Hashimoto? Game designer on Street Fighter 6

Yusuke Hashimoto knows the Capcom universe perfectly; including the stage in which a multitude of workers separated their paths in search of new horizons. Hashimoto joined Capcom in 1998 and worked primarily on the Resident Evil series; from the third installment through the GameCube remake, Reident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 4. His only approach to Street Fighter dates back to 1998 with his participation as object design in Street Fighter Alpha 3 .

It wasn’t until 2007 that he entered PlatinumGames, an environment with many familiar faces for him and several exciting creative assignments. To highlight, the production of Bayonetta (2009) and the direction plus character design of Bayonetta 2 (2014). Finally, in 2016 he was the director of the unique Star Fox Zero (2016) for Wii U.

Atsushi Inaba (left) and Yusuke Hashimoto (right) at E3 2013 / Photography: Jan Graber

Street Fighter 6: what we know so far

His return to Capcom has been announced by himself on the social network Twitter. In a brief message, Hashimoto encourages fans to stay tuned for what’s to come in Street Fighter and confirms that he is one of the title’s multiple designers.Street Fighter 6 | Capcom

Street Fighter 6 | Capcom

Street Fighter 6 will be without Yoshinori Ono as chief executive officer for the first time in more than two decades. His departure in August 2020 corresponded with his joining Delightworks as chief operating officer.

It will not be until this summer when we have more information about Street Fighter 6, currently in development, with no confirmed date or platforms. In the trailer we could see Ryu and Luke fighting. As they explain, the 45th and final character of Street Fighter V will have “a key role in the next Street Fighter project”.

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