Super Bowl: how much is the ring that is given to the winning team worth?

This Sunday, February 13, 2022 will be the Super Bowl LVI between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals . Tickets for the event are available at prices between 5,800 and 60,000 dollars, that is, between 23 million and 240 million Colombian pesos, according to Ticketmaster.

One ??of the curiosities that has aroused among users on social networks is related to the prizes received for winning the Liga Nacional de Football (NFL, in English).

The first thing they are given is the Lombardi trophy, ratifying that they are the winners of the championship. The original award is valued at 50,000 dollars (almost 200 million pesos) and replicas of 1,400 dollars (5.5 million pesos) are produced for the members of the team.

Also, as is tradition, the players receive a ring that not only signifies being the winner of the final match but also ratifies a hallmark in the history of that sport in the United States.

Each one is designed specifically for each event and team. On the official page of the league are the images of those delivered in the previous versions.

But how much does it cost? The answer is relative. Several sports web portals estimate that, on average, each ring could cost about 35,000 dollars, that is, about 138 million pesos. Around 150 are delivered, according to The Street, which would represent an investment of some 5 million dollars (almost 20,000 million pesos).

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But that value varies for different reasons. First of all, the design of the element, as some prefer to adorn it with diamonds or precious stones, for example, or have numbers, letters and unique words inscribed on it. Second, the people who wear it: experts say that each ring is valued according to the player or superstar who wears it; there are some that have been valued at up to 250,000 dollars (991 million pesos).

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And third, the weather and inflation are factors that weigh: a ring was not the same in 1967 as in 2021. The prices of materials and the production of each element change like any other good and service every year.

The truth is that, over time, the rings have gained relevance among fans and collectors, something that has undoubtedly represented economic gains for the possessors of the elements. Players, executives and members of winning teams have managed to certify the originality of the element to sell it for prices that can be up to five times higher than the original.

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