Super Bowl: the rare bets of the fans

The NFL landed in Los Angeles (USA) with the Super Bowl Experience, a great event designed for most passionate fans of American football, who will live their party this Sunday with the Super Bowl.

Located in the Los Angeles Convention Center, the Super Bowl Experience opened its doors on Saturday and this Sunday it celebrated its day for the press with numerous activities for the public that came to the place.

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For example, fans were able to participate in practice drills in which they had to dodge rivals to score a touchdown or they had to become a quarterback to throw the perfect pass.

Another highlight of the Super Bowl Experience is the recreation of an NFL team locker room with the lockers, stools and clothing of stars like Patrick Mahomes, and where some motivational speeches were heard as if visitors were about to jump onto the field.

Would you bet?

But the party doesn’t stop there. The bets are another game, another great showcase, but the strange thing is that the fans not only play to guess and win money to say who will be the champion.

There are very rare bets that are made available on this very special date for fans of American football.

These are some of them, according to Ceasars Sportbook:

Duration of the US national anthem
Will the anthem singer forget a word during the US national anthem?
Number of planes during the flyover of the National Anthem
Which head coach will show up first during the Anthem National?
First headliner to be featured during halftime
Total songs played during the halftime show
About Mickey Guyton’s outfit during the anthem
Who QB will be featured first during the National Anthem?
Which receiver will show first during the National Anthem?
First main artist to show during halftime
Total songs played during halftime show
Total artists principals who will wear sunglasses
Mary J. Blige shows cleavage at halftime
Will any headliners smoke?
Which songs will be played first at the halftime show?
Eminem’s hair color at first appearance
The color of the Snoop Dogg’s shoes at halftime
Which media company commercial will be shown first?
Will Mark Zuckerberg’s avatar be shown in the Meta Commercial?
How many commercials will have a baby in them ?
How many commercials will have a dog?
Which car company commercial will show first?
Which NFT will show first during any commercial?
Which crypto commercial will show first?
Betting on the color of Gatorade poured on the winning coach
Who will the Super Bowl MVP refer to first in the speech?
How many times will Roger Goodell show up?
Will any player will propose to his girlfriend on the field after the game?